Hidebumi Yamaguchi MiLLiSECOND Reel
MiLLiSECOND Reel is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Prosumer Products, Tools, and Machinery Design Award Category.

The body of "MiLLiSECOND reel" has been made in the processing of aluminum shaving. When you had a center of the body with edged form, you can feel the hollow that just fit your fingers because it is a process unique to shaving. In addition, there are 3 holes at the outside that you can put your neck strap, card case & etc. The line is using the organic fiber that high level strength elastic modulus (hanging weight limit is about 40 grams)

Hidebumi Yamaguchi MiLLiSECOND
Hidebumi Yamaguchi Reel
Hidebumi Yamaguchi design
Hidebumi Yamaguchi design
Takeda Inc.

“Millisecond” brand: Millisecond is 1 second block of the 1000 minutes, that means "a moment”. Sometimes “in a moment” we meet on the value that is appealing. For example, the sculptures that are appealing to the moment we just saw, the music that you will love the moment we just heard, the tool that you can experience the superior functionality at the moment you just touched. The something that the brand “MiLLiSECOND” aim is to provide such a “Valuable moment” in people’s lives. The brand logotype is also the notation of “minus 3 power of 10” representing 1/1000, it has used as it is. MiLLiSECOND is making up by the collaboration with Hidebumi Yamaguchi who is the product designer that activity base in Tokyo together with Takeda Inc. who is producing the metal processing business located in Tsubame, Niigata, Japan.