Amee Vora Designer Profile
Amee Vora is an award-winning designer with 6 featured award-winning projects.
Amee Vora

Amee is an Architect by training and also a practicing Interior Designer from India. She acts as a bridge between traditional Indian craft and the modern savvy internationally aware Indian end user. Her forte and contribution is in the constant evolution of traditional Indian arts and crafts, its application thereof and continuously finding new meaning for them, in India and abroad. She also educates the end user on the finer aspects of traditional Indian arts and crafts and in the process charts out newer avenues and markets for the artisans and craftsmen. This in her own unique way is her contribution to society.

Eternal Bond Wall Paneling
Luxury Indeeah Redefined Residential House
A Global Lifestyle Residence
Artistic Expression Partition Screen
Amara Bari Residence
An Arte Space A Bedroom Suite