Amee Vora Luxury Indeeah Redefined Residential House
Luxury Indeeah Redefined Residential House is Iron Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Luxury Indeeah Redefined Residential House

This residential space narrates the new story of contemporary Indian luxe: encapsulating a mélange of reinterpreted elements of Indian luxury and brands that represent International luxury living. This custom space is tailored to suit the needs and taste of the users, and at the same time integrate indigenous art and craft into the decor. Here, the designer reinterprets the traditional Indian elements of the past and redefines them to suit current living. The outcome is a total experience of what is Beautiful Contemporary Indian Luxury.

Luxury Indeeah Redefined Residential House
Amee Vora Luxury Indeeah Redefined
Amee Vora Residential House
Amee Vora design
Amee Vora design
Amee Vora

Amee is an Architect by training and also a practicing Interior Designer from India. She acts as a bridge between traditional Indian craft and the modern savvy internationally aware Indian end user. Her forte and contribution is in the constant evolution of traditional Indian arts and crafts, its application thereof and continuously finding new meaning for them, in India and abroad. She also educates the end user on the finer aspects of traditional Indian arts and crafts and in the process charts out newer avenues and markets for the artisans and craftsmen. This in her own unique way is her contribution to society.

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Amee is an architect by formal training and an interior designer by choice. Her solid foundation as a student was built at the Institute of Environmental Design from where she procured her degree (besides the numerous medals & certificates of merit). Having completed college, Amee's education continued in the practical world of commercial architecture, in Mumbai, India as well as in Los Angeles, USA. She gained valuable experience in the rigours of modern day architecture till she found her true calling - in the world of DESIGN. Her talents were better showcased when she joined one of Mumbai's better known interior design firms. Amee considers this a fortuitous phase in her life and quickly found herself immersed in the world of high end interior design - dreaming up textures, materials, designs, colors, shapes, spaces and then having the thrill of watching it come true. Her parents fondly recall : "As a child Amee just loved playing with play dough & colours. Colours were all over our house. She was obsessed with making things look better". And she still is ! It is this passion for perfection tempered with formal architectural training & years of experience that make Amee designs so functional, so simple and yet so stunning. "Living Beautiful" is a term Amee often uses to describe her work. It is the unity of form and function resulting in a stunning new outcome that Amee seeks as she commences work on any new design project. The timelessness of the original Indian craft and its adaptation to contemporary living is what fascinates Amee. In fact, this has quickly become her signature style : strong native Indian elements, international in outlook and a harmonious mélange of the east and the west. The sheer richness of the Indian traditions, its crafts and its culture inspire Amee to giving her best with each effort. "There is so much one can do" she says. And until she's done it all Amee work goes on.