Amee Vora Eternal Bond Wall Paneling
Eternal Bond Wall Paneling is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Limited Edition and Custom Design Award Category.
Eternal Bond Wall Paneling

Inspired by Rabindranath Tagore’s rendition of the impish yet tender bond between a mother and child in Champa Flower, a blank wall, becomes a canvas for story-telling, by transforming itself into a veritable grove of Frangipani, whose low branches evoke images of children hanging by them, or scaling the tree images of laughter and play and childish whimsy. The landscape begins at one end of the passageway and terminates at the other, with the marquetry continuing in the fore and background, with semi precious blossoms and birds ,seamlessly folding around the jambs of the fluted brass door.

Eternal Bond Wall Paneling
Amee Vora Eternal Bond
Amee Vora Wall Paneling
Amee Vora design
Amee Vora design
Amee Vora

Amee is an Architect by training and also a practicing Interior Designer from India. She acts as a bridge between traditional Indian craft and the modern savvy internationally aware Indian end user. Her forte and contribution is in the constant evolution of traditional Indian arts and crafts, its application thereof and continuously finding new meaning for them, in India and abroad. She also educates the end user on the finer aspects of traditional Indian arts and crafts and in the process charts out newer avenues and markets for the artisans and craftsmen. This in her own unique way is her contribution to society.

AV Fourth Dimension

At AV Fourth Dimension, the vision is Living Beautiful. The practice adapts timeless traditional art forms to contemporary living, creating, in the process, bespoke spaces that are full of individualistic appeal and delicate, yet robust, detailing. The design process is imaginative, characterful and highly communicative, striving to create designs that express the key qualities of depth, excellence and inspiration. Headed by Amee Vora, an alumnus of Arvindbhai Patel Institute of Environmental Design, Anand, Gujarat, the studio sees each design as a deeply engaged exercise, involving dialogues, discussions, collaborations and explorations, and undoubtedly benefits from the strengths of its principal, who is extensively involved in conceptualizing and planning. A meticulous process that seeks to increase clarity of communication between the client and designer by capturing crucial information, marks the first step of an assignment. This is followed through with the development of multiple design possiblities, using the most important early-stage design tool – the drawing. Studies into material and colour palettes and arrival at an apt selection, complete the cycle. This is then taken through to the execution stage, with as commitment on site. Since its inception in 2010, the firm has eschewed the straitjacketing of categories. Though residential interiors form a majority of the studio’s work, it has lent its expertise to other verticals such as retail, office interiors and commercial interiors. Moreover, with Vora’s belief in design being universal and that the learning of one creative genre can be applied to another, the studio is increasingly looking beyond traditional boundaries of architecture and interior architecture, and into art and product design. Thrice winner of the prestigious A’ Design Award, both in the interior design and product design categories, the practice has grown steadily and organically on the foundation of positive reviews and client confidence. With a heart that beats for tradition and a contemporary outlook, AV Fourth Dimension remain steadfast in their belief that the beauty of the spaces they create today, will endure the tomorrow… gracefully.