Ascanio Zocchi Ska V29 Dining Table
Ska V29 Dining Table is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Furniture Design Award Category.
Ska V29 Dining Table

Solid natural larch wood table worked with numerical control machines and finished by hand, the particularity is the shape that recalls the position of the trees, demolished by the Vaia storm that hit the Dolomites and represented by solid wood larch wood axes themselves. The hand-polished surface makes the surface opaque and smooth to the touch and enhances its veins and shapes. The base, made of powder-coated steel, represents the pine forest before the storm passes.

Ska V29 Dining Table
Ascanio Zocchi Ska V29
Ascanio Zocchi Dining Table
Ascanio Zocchi design
Ascanio Zocchi design
Ascanio Zocchi

Design can certainly contribute to society by creating useful objects that are beautiful and easy to use. In the design of objects or interior spaces Ascanio tries to use natural products, respectful of the environment, in the designed spaces you can breathe this harmony between colors and materials. There is continuous research on materials, finding in wood a design partner, not just a material to be used, to produce objects or environments. According to him, wood is the sensory material par excellence, color, shape and perfume. Each of us who loves nature tries to bring a piece of wood into the house, perhaps because with this act we bring nature, life into the house. Every space and every object is conceived and designed for a specific function, beauty must first of all be functional, harmonious. The designer has the task of designing beautiful, useful and functional objects, suitable for making everyday acts simpler and happier.

Teknodue gruop srl

Teknodue Group is a company specialized in the production of solid wood furniture and household items, located in the province of Trento in the Dolomites, has been chosen to have a reliable partner in the area of the woods affected by the storm Vaia for woodworking , to have a true circular economy in the area.