Rianti Hidayat Designer Profile
Rianti Hidayat is the award-winning designer of the Posterrific Adventure of Anna Warrick Typographic Illustrated Story Book.
Rianti Hidayat

Rianti Hidayat is a concept artist; illustrator; graphic designer; and currently working full time at COLOPL Inc. Japan, a video-game company. She started her career from Indonesia, adding some more experience by working at a French company in Singapore, and a post-graduate scholarship brings her to Tokyo; where she’s living now. As for now, Rianti had her art influenced by a lot of different visual styles from different cultures. You can see her full history of works and resume at her LinkedIn. Rianti’s latest award comes from the Behance Appreciation Award in Japan by December 2014. It’s not her first; in fact, she’s been winning multiple awards or nominated at various competition since her young age at the college. She likes to optimize her drawing to tell unique story and bring surprises. Have you ever heard about a space circus troupe? Or can you imagine a robot based-alarm clock who will slap you up from your sleep? Or lay your hand at a portfolio that looks like a toy packaging? This “Posterrific Adventure of Anna Warrick” storybook starts with “What if the whole book including the text are posters?”. If you ever been in the same meeting room with her while she’s presenting her concept, you will find the meeting is almost always ended up in laughter and drive the team forward with vast possibilities. Aside from creating wacky world in her head, she had a commit to create different self promotion design every year with different theme. She believes, this will keep her motivated to sharpen her skill and with the same time; update her portfolio. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone. Her obsession with silhouette, shapes, and colors often serves as reason why she always ended up analyzing colors and visual designs of every movie she had watched. She thinks being actively involved in community held the same amount of importance as well as working on the big industry itself. This motivated her to keep serving on SIGGRAPH Asia Student Volunteer Subcommittee; in charge of design related planning and have been an active participant in the SIGGRAPH Asia Conference since 2008. For Rianti, participating in this world-known annual community gathering provides a wonderful way to share ideas to the world, receive critique, interact with other artists and be made aware of the latest industry trends. She also a fan of J.C Leyendecker`s brush strokes.

Posterrific Adventure of Anna Warrick Typographic Illustrated Story Book