Michael Parson Designer Profile
Michael Parson is the award-winning designer of the Lale Dingbat typeface.
Michael Parson

Design has always been central to Michael Parson's life, through his work in his own design studio of Parson Research or with the Typogama type foundry. Having set up his studio at quite a young age, Michael has grown through his work and contact with clients that have allowed him to discover new industries, new cultures and the rich history of design, especially in typography. One quote can sum up his attitude to design, 'we are walking on the shoulders of giants', and through his work, he aims to respect the innovations of the past masters while attempting to add something new and original to the world in which we live. He has worked both with local, Swiss brands but equally with larger international brands and currently enjoys a part time teaching role where he can continue to explore solutions with the new generations of designers in a course on branding and typography. When he is not working for his various graphic design projects, you will probably find him working on another typeface design!

Michael Parson
Lale Dingbat typeface