Shin-Yuan Fang Designer Profile
Shin-Yuan Fang is an award-winning designer with 7 featured award-winning projects.
Shin-Yuan Fang

Wei Yi International Design Associates was founded by designer Shin-Yuan Fang (Fang) in 2003. To develop his design concept, Fang turn it into a brand in 2009. Fang used a unique Chinese culture, calligraphy to create a symbol for his brand, which represents the concept of his design associates. The design associates were constituted by 3 departments: Design, Casa and Art. Design: Architectures and interior designs including villas, shopping malls, offices and public areas. Casa: Design furniture and set up its own series. Art: Creating artwork or ornament, it can provide unique installations for those projects.

Shin-Yuan Fang
Black DNA Residential House
place where belief is  Residential House
The Initiation Residential House
BOX Residential House
Offshore House - A Moving Space Residential
Quietness Residence
ECHOES Residence