Shin-Yuan Fang The Initiation Residential House
The Initiation Residential House is Golden Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
The Initiation Residential House

In design concept, it's always crucial to maximize and utilize the space properly. Each room is connected to each other, no matter the style, structure or texture. And when the main concept is being made, it's all about details. It's the details that makes the whole place completed and whole.

The Initiation Residential House
Shin-Yuan Fang The Initiation
Shin-Yuan Fang Residential House
Shin-Yuan Fang design
Shin-Yuan Fang design
Shin-Yuan Fang

Wei Yi International Design Associates was founded by designer Shin-Yuan Fang (Fang) in 2003. To develop his design concept, Fang turn it into a brand in 2009. Fang used a unique Chinese culture, calligraphy to create a symbol for his brand, which represents the concept of his design associates. The design associates were constituted by 3 departments: Design, Casa and Art. Design: Architectures and interior designs including villas, shopping malls, offices and public areas. Casa: Design furniture and set up its own series. Art: Creating artwork or ornament, it can provide unique installations for those projects.

Wei Yi international design associates

For this 30-year-old house with extremely confined space, the challenge lay in adjusting the interior space and bringing in light, based on the owner’s religious reasons.