Shin-Yuan Fang Offshore House - A Moving Space Residential
Offshore House - A Moving Space Residential is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Offshore House - A Moving Space Residential

Migration has been a part of human history since ancient times, and it is also a current activity. As a result, the age group, usage mode, function and number of users can differ. The space shall be changed accordingly to meet the needs of its current user, and multi-dimensionality of space is of paramount importance. Design planners have to apply a linear movement method based on the characteristics of the space to allow planar elements to produce many possibilities through displacement. Closing revolving doors blurs the usage boundary, while breaking the conventional architecture pattern.

Offshore House - A Moving Space Residential
Shin-Yuan Fang Offshore House - A Moving Space
Shin-Yuan Fang Residential
Shin-Yuan Fang design
Shin-Yuan Fang design
Shin-Yuan Fang

Wei Yi International Design Associates was founded by designer Shin-Yuan Fang (Fang) in 2003. To develop his design concept, Fang turn it into a brand in 2009. Fang used a unique Chinese culture, calligraphy to create a symbol for his brand, which represents the concept of his design associates. The design associates were constituted by 3 departments: Design, Casa and Art. Design: Architectures and interior designs including villas, shopping malls, offices and public areas. Casa: Design furniture and set up its own series. Art: Creating artwork or ornament, it can provide unique installations for those projects.

Wei Yi International Design Associates

The meaning of design shall be to pursue the exploration in cultural living, not in the surface. Different national conditions, regions, religions and cultures develop living styles and create different designs. Adjust measures to local conditions and arrange plot by people of make designs better conform to demands of people. Nowadays, the speed of social progress cannot be mentioned in the same breath. Taste comfort is pursued more and more in daily life. Low degree design is not to make design or make little design. Low degree design embodies a kind of living spirit. It plays a role of design in the most non-interferential design, to make people in a house able to feel the comfort of space, a kind of healing and sense of safety.