Lama, Rama, and Tariq Ajinah Designer Profile
Lama, Rama, and Tariq Ajinah is an award-winning designer with 3 featured award-winning projects.
Lama, Rama, and Tariq Ajinah

We are three siblings who decided to design with an added value. Lama Ajeenah is a design educator, entrepreneur, and researcher. Tariq is an engineer who obtained his degree from one of the most prominent universities in the UK, Glasgow university. His experience encompasses working in the Gulf region and Turkey. Rama is an award-winning architect who is interested in urban and human-centered design. We established our business in fashion to spread the values that we have always believed in. We aim to create awareness of inner-self and surrounding to promote good behaviors on an individual and social level.

Lama, Rama, and Tariq Ajinah
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