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Golden Ho is an award-winning designer with 5 featured award-winning projects.
Golden Ho

PONE ARCHITECTURE is a plurality of inspiration combined platform, which covers planning, designing fabrication and implementation. There will be emerge everfount creations here in their company. They are taking carefully control in every aspect. It’s of strict with implementation of persistent throughout witness, extremely the process of mplementation. P+ONE DESIGN CENTER is trying hard to explore the potential core values, to provide a scientific strict perfect solution. P+ONE DESIGN CENTER is looking forward to the excellent projects and enjoy to face challenges. The designers and customers are fully respected and communication deeply to create a common bright future. So, they exist in a stronghold way. P+ONE DESIGN CENTER is an eternal progress, keep on cohere the creation desire talent, to make our creativity never ended.

PONE Transparent Shell Exhibition Space
P+ONE Exhibition Space
PONE Nest Aspiration Experience Pavilion
Poly K18 Office Building Office Building
Sail Vision Sales Center