Golden Ho PONE Nest Aspiration Experience Pavilion
PONE Nest Aspiration Experience Pavilion is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
PONE Nest Aspiration Experience Pavilion

PONE ARCHITECTURE Experience Pavilion 2016 Guangzhou Design Week attempted to rediscover the new connections between individuals. From the concept, deliberately break the traditional space limitations, the collapse of the traditional wall as the building load-bearing space [authoritative] definition, in the split connection and discrete symbiotic reorganization, resulting in incomplete, negative, non-linear wall. The work consists of four curved metal mesh structure as the carrier, 59,000 s

PONE Nest Aspiration Experience Pavilion
Golden Ho PONE Nest Aspiration
Golden Ho Experience Pavilion
Golden Ho design
Golden Ho design
Golden Ho

PONE ARCHITECTURE is a plurality of inspiration combined platform, which covers planning, designing fabrication and implementation. There will be emerge everfount creations here in their company. They are taking carefully control in every aspect. It’s of strict with implementation of persistent throughout witness, extremely the process of mplementation. P+ONE DESIGN CENTER is trying hard to explore the potential core values, to provide a scientific strict perfect solution. P+ONE DESIGN CENTER is looking forward to the excellent projects and enjoy to face challenges. The designers and customers are fully respected and communication deeply to create a common bright future. So, they exist in a stronghold way. P+ONE DESIGN CENTER is an eternal progress, keep on cohere the creation desire talent, to make our creativity never ended.

PONE Architecture

PONE Architecture is a dream-making cross-border design team. With cutting-edge ideas, rigorous production, systematic management, and efficient implementation as criteria, it helps customers to create a unique image and explore the core values of art through international architectural design, space design, landscape design, art installations, as well as soft design. It gathers a team of outstanding designers who place 100% focus on the design, with perseverance and pragmatism, and the courage to break through the boundary as the utmost priority. The team's commitment and creativity enhance its design philosophy and stimulates the desire to inspire. It conducts detailed research on the unique background of each project, focusing on the positive interaction of building space with materials, lightings, shapes, and details. Its design for projects bases the environment and characteristics of the context to display the rich dynamics within. It places the final product of the highest value and as the ultimate goal, removing all boundaries and barriers and striving to ensure excellent quality of exceptional projects produced.