Packlab Designer Profile
Packlab is an award-winning designer with 9 featured award-winning projects.

PACKLAB is a global Branded Packaging Design + Innovation company, with offices in London, UK, Helsinki, Finland and Lisbon, Portugal. The company is known as an award-winning intelligence hub, where science, art and technology are brought together to uncover new opportunities for brand differentiation and to bring outstanding return on investment for their Clients. PACKLAB's teams, highly specialised in brand, product and packaging design and development, continuously discover creative and commercially viable ways of using product & branded packaging as a strategic business tool, and as an avenue towards improving the holistic consuming experience.

Blossom Cava Challenging and disruptive design
Patakukkonen Rye Pie Innovative merchandising of packaging
Kanniston Gingerbread Biscuits  Product-Packaging Innovation
Peltolan Blue Cheese  Innovative brand and packaging design
Amandines Biscuits Packaging  Product-Packaging Integration
Bragazzis Olive Oil and Vinegar Typographic Excellence
Frambois Bread  Brand and Packaging Design Excellence
Wishbhone Product-Packaging Integration
BaroniĆ” Pasta Range Global Branding and Packaging Design