Leon Mege Reversible Ring Engagement and Vanity
Reversible Ring Engagement and Vanity is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Reversible Ring Engagement and Vanity

The central concept of the collection is a ring with two faces. One side is a traditional engagement solitaire. The other is a decorative Podium - an aesthetically pleasing element that adds structural strength. Each ring is essentially two rings in one. The hallmarks on the bottom can be replaced with custom engraving carrying a personal message. Each ring can be showcased standing up. When worn, the ring stays balanced, with less spinning. The collection is split into different "labels" easily identifiable by the color of Podium gemstones.

Reversible Ring  Engagement and Vanity
Leon Mege Reversible Ring
Leon Mege Engagement and Vanity
Leon Mege design
Leon Mege design
Leon Mege

Leon Mege is a legend of the bespoke American jewelry design. The New York Diamond District darling ever since his meticulously handcrafted pieces appeared in fine jewelry. The designer has been developing an elegant, inventive, and exquisitely understated aesthetic ever since. Working out of a bustling studio in Midtown Manhattan, the designer – who is involved in each piece, from conception to completion – uses the finest natural gemstones and diamonds in his jewels. Leon Mege artistic style is heavily influenced by his Russian roots – from Faberge masterpieces to the gems of St. Petersburg’s Baroque architecture – Leon Mege’s jewelry is an unmistakable part of the classic European trend in modern jewelry. Maison Mege is the elegant showroom, where Maestro designs, crafts, and delivers his bespoke hand-forged jewelry of the utmost excellence. Leon Mege jewelers specialize in both custom and ready-to-wear designs that have a classic, polished look with traditional roots going back to the European tradition. Expertly finished stones complemented by expertly crafted settings are not the only qualities that make Maison Mege pieces so extraordinary. It is also the copious labor and genuine passion that goes into every jewel produced.