Togrul Tagızade RovLocker Smart Parcel Locker
RovLocker Smart Parcel Locker is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Street Furniture Design Award Category.
RovLocker Smart Parcel Locker

The smart parcel locker has two types modules: main and parcel. The parcel module is formed by assembling the inner and outer cabinet together with special electromechanical locks instead of using any fasteners on the outer interface. Thus, RovLocker has a seamless, minimal and anti-vandal design that adds aesthetic and functional value to public spaces. In addition, in cases of maintenance and repair, the inner cab can be pulled out from outer cab by opening the special locks. This means that the locker can be installed in various public areas, as there is no need to reach the back of it.

RovLocker Smart Parcel Locker
Togrul Tagızade RovLocker
Togrul Tagızade Smart Parcel Locker
Togrul Tagızade design
Togrul Tagızade design
Togrul Tagızade

After graduated from the department of Industrial Design in Middle East Technical University, he started his professional career in Designnobis as a project consultant and product designer. Then he continued his work as a product designer at TOBB ETU Medical Products Design Center as well as a part time instructor at TOBB ETU. Then, he had opportunity to work in design offices like Proda Design and Venn Industrial Design Consultancy and gain experience in various fields like the packaging, furniture, medical, defense industry and automotive. Since 2018, he has been working as an Industrial Design Team Leader at Rovenma Electronics.

Rovenma Smart Technology

Rovenma is a dynamic and innovative technology company that produces smart and solid high technologies with high added value. It develops all electronic, software and industrial/mechanic designs and R&D of its products in-house and it produces all these disciplines as system engineering.