Yan Pan Masstone Boutique
Masstone Boutique is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Masstone Boutique

"A garden within" is the core concept of the boutique. This garden is not an isolated place, but a place one can wander around freely, rather it enhances connectivity. It is a junction between the inside and outside that slows down time. The pure geometric play of platforms and ramps, the use of steel, concrete and terrazzo reject any direct historical reference. The bespoke hanger lighting system crossing through the space enhances its aura. Despite its solid construction, the vertical plant wall softens the geometry, and the reflective panels impart an illusionist ambience to the space.

Masstone Boutique
Yan Pan Masstone
Yan Pan Boutique
Yan Pan design
Yan Pan design
Yan Pan

Yan Pan, the co-founder and design principle of SpActrum. He graduated from the Bartlett School of Architecture UCL, London, under the supervision of the legendary architect and architectural educator Professor Sir Peter Cook. Pan started his career in London since 2003, and has worked in high-profile design firms, such as Fosters + Partners, KPF and RTKL. His practice cover a wide range of projects, include urban regeneration for Chinese traditional villages, vacation town strategic designs, large-scale public and commercial building designs, art district redevelopment, housing renovations, fashion show scenes designs, and boutique fashion shop rebranding and so on, and have won international awards including AIA SH Award, A’ Design Award, IDA, Asia Design Awards, etc.


SpActrum is an architectural design and art studio based in London, Beijing and Shanghai. The practice specialises in architectural subject and believes in a cross-disciplinary approach in the current design industry, actively participating in disparate fields such as contemporary art, fashion, cultural reading, publication, antique collection and more. Our knowledge areas are continuously evolving through our introspection and interests from our diverse projects, to explore alternative research methods and deepen our critical and experimental practice.