Yan Pan Designer Profile
Yan Pan is an award-winning designer with 4 featured award-winning projects.
Yan Pan

Yan Pan, the co-founder and design principle of SpActrum. He graduated from the Bartlett School of Architecture UCL, London, under the supervision of the legendary architect and architectural educator Professor Sir Peter Cook. Pan started his career in London since 2003, and has worked in high-profile design firms, such as Fosters + Partners, KPF and RTKL. His practice cover a wide range of projects, include urban regeneration for Chinese traditional villages, vacation town strategic designs, large-scale public and commercial building designs, art district redevelopment, housing renovations, fashion show scenes designs, and boutique fashion shop rebranding and so on, and have won international awards including AIA SH Award, A’ Design Award, IDA, Asia Design Awards, etc.

The Hotel Nudibranch Hotel and Resort
HCH Fashion Boutique Fashion Boutique
HP Kid Space Indoor Kids Playground
Masstone Boutique