Ryuta Ishikawa Awanama Sake - Japanese Rice Wine
Awanama Sake - Japanese Rice Wine is Platinum Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Packaging Design Award Category.
Awanama Sake - Japanese Rice Wine

Unrefined sake is not widely known abroad. Awanawa's mission is to provide genuine sake to people all over the world in a whole new style. The design aims to make this new brand a different genre than Japanese sake. In Japan, distribution in a new technology complex bottle, which has never been done before, can be used to reduce the weight of the product, to shield the light for quality retention, and to represent the fine texture that could not be expressed with conventional technologies. It was possible. With this design, designer wants people overseas to experience the fresh taste of sake.

Awanama Sake - Japanese Rice Wine
Ryuta Ishikawa Awanama
Ryuta Ishikawa Sake - Japanese Rice Wine
Ryuta Ishikawa design
Ryuta Ishikawa design
Ryuta Ishikawa

How do you always build a plan and structure without capturing design with visual elements alone? How does that affect society? Think Also, the design I provide is always close to the client and society. It is not ideal for one of the creators, it is not a sale from the company to the society, and the ideal is a relationship in which the three parties can always influence each other in a good way. Based on such an idea, without regard to existing concepts, always think about new mechanisms and mechanisms, and create a new sense of value, create products, brand development, advertisement production, C.I.V.I plans, SP, etc.


The namazake brand awanama, which does not heat pasteurize, is an attempt to give the taste of fresh sake overseas. It stops the activity of the bacteria in the bottle by applying high pressure, not heat. As a result, it became possible to distribute namazake, which should normally be refrigerated, at room temperature. In other words, it became possible to work in areas where distribution was difficult, such as overseas. The bottle has the flexibility to absorb high pressure, the light shielding property to maintain quality, and the design to express fine texture. I would like you to rediscover the taste of sake along with its innovative design.