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Ryuta Ishikawa is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Ryuta Ishikawa

How do you always build a plan and structure without capturing design with visual elements alone? How does that affect society? Think Also, the design I provide is always close to the client and society. It is not ideal for one of the creators, it is not a sale from the company to the society, and the ideal is a relationship in which the three parties can always influence each other in a good way. Based on such an idea, without regard to existing concepts, always think about new mechanisms and mechanisms, and create a new sense of value, create products, brand development, advertisement production, C.I.V.I plans, SP, etc.

Ryuta Ishikawa
Awanama Sake - Japanese Rice Wine
Kirinzan Momiji Kin Sake - Japanese Rice Wine