Oleksii Chernov Pride Brand
Pride Brand is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Pride Brand

To create the design of the brand Pride, the team used the study of the target audience in several ways. When the team did the design of the logo and corporate identity, it took into account the rules of psycho-geometry - the influence of geometric forms on certain psycho-types of people and their choice. Also, the design should have caused certain emotions among the audience. In order to achieve the desired result, the team used the rules of the effect of color on a person. in general, the result has influenced the design of all products of the company.

Pride Brand
Oleksii Chernov Pride
Oleksii Chernov Brand
Oleksii Chernov design
Oleksii Chernov design
Oleksii Chernov

Olexiy Chernov and Alice Zhabinets for several years have been promoting ideas in which creativity does not contradict marketing. They explore the client's psychology at a deeper level so that the work for the client is as effective as possible from the point of view of marketing, and the design has been in trends for more than one year. Also, at the moment, Alexey is promoting new skepomorphism ideas in design, returning to “live” materials.


Customer brand new product on the market. They have developed a mobile application that allows people to learn, earn money, monitor their health and all this in a playful way. Now you can not only grow as an individual, but also make money on it. The client connected in one application 2 parts. 1 - Learning in the form of a game. 2 - Financial application that allows you to monitor the client cryptocurrency.