Aurika UAB Water Corporate Identity
Water Corporate Identity is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Packaging Design Award Category.
Water Corporate Identity

All label designs are created automatically by the predetermined algorithm during the print-run. Label design on each bottle differs yet all designs originate from two graphic patterns and 21 languages. Graphic patterns are pictures of printing inks. They remind painted canvas. Therefore label design imitates brushstroke on canvas. Exposure of respective color facilitates visual identification of carbonated or still water. Multi-layer printing ensures opacity and brightness of the image from any sides of the bottle. Spot wet-touch tactile surface strengthens the visual impression.

Water Corporate Identity
Aurika UAB Water
Aurika UAB Corporate Identity
Aurika UAB design
Aurika UAB design
Aurika UAB

Label and packaging manufacturer Aurika could be best described as a combination of creative thinking and conventional printing. Creativity and technological know-how are essential in manufacturing value-added packaging for both product manufacturers and consumers. This belief motivates various printing experts in Aurika to focus on packaging communication, to work closely together with packaging creators, to promote creativity within the industry and to continuously invest into know-how and advanced printing technologies in order to bring creative packaging ideas into life. This kind of result-driven and cooperative business model has already demonstrated success for everybody – packaging creators, product manufacturers, consumers and Aurika itself.

Aurika UAB

Aurika UAB is flexo printing house, label and packaging manufacturer. Today it is mostly recognized for its ability to combine creative thinking and technological know-how that result in value-added labels and packaging. Located in Lithuania, Aurika was founded in 1991. With sales exceeding €44 mln. and staff around 400 employees across two production sites for primary and secondary packaging it is considered to be one of the leading flexo printing houses in The Baltic region. Over 70% of production is exported to western and northern Europe, particularly to Germany and Scandinavia.