Del Terrelonge rhed Built Prototypes Boat
rhed Built Prototypes Boat is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Yacht and Marine Vessels Design Award Category.
rhed Built Prototypes Boat

The rhed built project boat house, featured a co-generation power speed boat which was an integral component rural boat house living experience. The concept of the co-generation system was created using a natural gas heating and cooling system that would generate electricity as by product. The boat is the receptor for that system, absorbing all of the surplus energy to power the boats electrical drive systems along with the boats internal stern mounted solar delivery system.

rhed Built Prototypes Boat
Del Terrelonge rhed Built Prototypes
Del Terrelonge Boat
Del Terrelonge design
Del Terrelonge design
Del Terrelonge

rhed a spectrum of extraordinary diversity, from architectural design, interior, product, furniture, new media, and conceptual work where they are known for their attention to detail and innovative approach to design and content development. The rhed design philosophy is like the creation of jazz, completely unorthodox in approach but clear in it’s play, based in the context and influenced by graphic design. rhed’s primary focus is one that develops the idea that art can meet commerce in a way that can enhance our social and cultural awareness. The rhed conversation deepens only to discover more to their arsenal. Their history includes art created for the New York restaurant Globe, design lecture at Yale, the rhed gallery nyc exhibition of Pelle, design of the decibel sound recording studio, rhed furniture and product shown at the ICFF show in New York, Monk Lounge at the IDS, the countering conventions exhibition for DuPont, financing, development and design for projects including a 27 room hotel and a resort concept under development. Current work includes the book “irreversible” a compilation of a series of images and text which navigates through the last few years of rhed’s experimental and completed work. Graph Loft and Citizen House, two unique architectural projects located in the downtown core of Toronto encompassing seven specialized designed living spaces and the Trane Studio, a progressive music and jazz recording entertainment venue named after John Coltrane. As rhed’s plans continues to grow, they will no doubt become one of those rare species of the thinking designer that develops all its ideas from an exotic blend of artistic and technical capabilities. So for those of us that are unaware of the rhed style of design diversity, be aware, because rhed is setting the stage for a new approaches to design innovation.

Rhed Built Projects By Rhed Design Office

rhed was founded in 1998 based on the idea of design growing beyond a service consultancy and becoming fully integrated within the context of “art meets commerce”. Considering design to be encompassing of all aspects of of life, how could the process of design be utilized in it’s purist form in the creation of environments, objects, structures and the visual arts. rhed built projects is the commerce business division of rhed design office, allowing its design to be integrated with the process of commerce and viable markets.