Katsuaki Sato Blue Seed Bag
Blue Seed Bag is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Sustainable Products, Projects and Green Design Award Category.
Blue Seed Bag

The unique point of this bag is the exactly same bag does not exist. The blue plastic sheet has been used to protect or temporary repair the roofs of the damaged houses, and put on the ground to temporary store the furniture, which made scratches, a whole, since it’s been damaged. Due to the said reason, each bag has each expressions, or it can be said, each bag has its own character. Regarding the design itself, simple and standard tote bag design has been applied, so that it could be used, regardless of the gender, by many people for a long time.

Blue Seed Bag
Katsuaki Sato Blue Seed
Katsuaki Sato Bag
Katsuaki Sato design
Katsuaki Sato design
Katsuaki Sato

In April 2016, there was a big earthquake in our town. For this reconstruction, long-lasting support activities and the interest of people are essential. We established in May 2016, one month after the Kumamoto earthquake, whether we can use the power of creatives to contribute to disaster recovery. You can not put a real bridge right away. But the bridge of creation can be hung at once. We and you can be connected at any time. Disasters take away important things. But we can not take away our creativity to disasters. We use the creative power to create the future. All of our members have their main business and are active in their spare time. We will play a role to connect social issues and creators.

Bridge Kumamoto

Bridge Kumamoto is to make a Bridge with the creativity power. Bridge Kumamoto has been formed after the twin big earthquake hit Kumamoto, in Kyushu island, in the western part of Japan in 2016. Due to this earthquake, Aso-Ohashi Bridge has been collapsed and fallen down. Rebuilding of this actual bridge will take years, but Bridge Kumamoto can make a Bridge of the creativity immediately. Bridge Kumamoto can be connected to you immediately. A natural disaster will take away your precious things, but it cannot take away your creativity. Bridge Kumamoto will create your future by the power of creativity. Bridge Kumamoto has been formed after a month since the disaster, hoping if they can be a long term support by using their power of creativity. Bridge Kumamoto’s activity is to plan and manage the event to support the Kumamoto local community and disaster affected area, design and produce the charitable goods, and create the movie and web site. All the sales and subsidies are used for the community support of the affected areas. Bridge Kumamoto’s support is not facing the front end, such as cleaning up the damaged houses, or providing hot meals for the people evacuated to the shelters. Bridge Kumamoto’s main activity is logistical support, to try to improve the disaster prevention awareness, and to promote the other volunteering groups which is making a contribution to the community to outside of the affected areas. They are playing a very important role by PR the affected areas to make a contribution for the recovery. Bridge Kumamoto is also making an effort to improve the awareness of the people who hasn’t paid attention to the affected areas, by planning and developing the product which is connected to the social problems, such as plastic trash. Bridge Kumamoto is continuously making an effort by making a social campaign on the street. Bridge Kumamoto is making significant effort every day, to achieve these goals, by coping with the creators with high professional skills, with high design quality.