Katsuaki Sato Designer Profile
Katsuaki Sato is the award-winning designer of the Blue Seed Bag.
Katsuaki Sato

In April 2016, there was a big earthquake in our town. For this reconstruction, long-lasting support activities and the interest of people are essential. We established in May 2016, one month after the Kumamoto earthquake, whether we can use the power of creatives to contribute to disaster recovery. You can not put a real bridge right away. But the bridge of creation can be hung at once. We and you can be connected at any time. Disasters take away important things. But we can not take away our creativity to disasters. We use the creative power to create the future. All of our members have their main business and are active in their spare time. We will play a role to connect social issues and creators.

Katsuaki Sato
Blue Seed Bag