MII Design Turning Office space
Turning Office space is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Turning Office space

The MII-Design team think the extensive glass blurred the line between the inside and outside, and the people inside could easily notice the changes from outside. Therefore, the issue of working in a gloomy space was improved. The design team hope to flip people’s imagination for the street by turning the form and structure to create a win-win situation for both interior and exterior space.

Turning Office space
MII Design Turning
MII Design Office space
MII Design design
MII Design design
MII Design

Chuang Chih-chieh is a brilliant designer, his advantage is integration, not only in design, which is his professional field, but also in different scopes.In the MII-design studio, Chuang Chih-chieh is also a good leader, team member like him and like to work with him. The MII-design team is not pursuing specific forms and styles. The design team's value is finding interesting space combinations. MII-design enjoy the process of step-by-step discussion with occupants to explore the multiple possibilities of life and space. On the other hand, MII-design uphold a simple aesthetic concept and the material combination of pursuing nature to design a comfortable and practical living space for occupants.


Architecture and space are the containers that carry people’s lives. We like to explore the diversity of people's use of space possibility. Combination of rustic beauty concept with natural materials. Converted into a comfortable and practical living space. Research & find interesting combinations of spaces and ways to use Always been the core price of Mii design. During the discussion with the user. Explore the possibilities of different imaginations in life.