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MII Design is an award-winning designer with 4 featured award-winning projects.
MII Design

Chuang Chih-chieh is a brilliant designer, his advantage is integration, not only in design, which is his professional field, but also in different scopes.In the MII-design studio, Chuang Chih-chieh is also a good leader, team member like him and like to work with him. The MII-design team is not pursuing specific forms and styles. The design team's value is finding interesting space combinations. MII-design enjoy the process of step-by-step discussion with occupants to explore the multiple possibilities of life and space. On the other hand, MII-design uphold a simple aesthetic concept and the material combination of pursuing nature to design a comfortable and practical living space for occupants.

MII Design
Turning Office space
Layers Residential
Forest Japanese Restaurant
Diagonally divided Residential House