Qiu Liwei Urbeats Tips Breathable
Urbeats Tips Breathable is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Audio and Sound Equipment Design Award Category.
Urbeats Tips Breathable

People usually use capsule urbeats. There will form enclosed space when they plugging capsule urbeats into auditory meatus. This will strong tension at the moment, and cause eardrum discomfort, also harm eardrum after long term wearing. Perforated urbeats silicone tips is designed with air pores in the inner wall which can balance the pressure inside and outside auditory meatus, avoid pressure difference. This can alleviate the tension and damage to eardrum and can also release the pressure intensity of sound stage, reduce stimulation, adjust ambient noise, and reduce hidden danger.

Urbeats Tips Breathable
Qiu Liwei Urbeats Tips
Qiu Liwei Breathable
Qiu Liwei design
Qiu Liwei design
Qiu Liwei

Southwest Jiao Tong University product design R&D center belongs to the Southwest Jiao Tong University Department.The R&D center has many design patents and it also provides design services for various companies such as SHU DU buses company. Southwest Jiao Tong University research aims to find many new energy systems and try to use it to design many new high technology products. Professor Huang Tao, our team's tutor, is a member of the German Industrial Design Association and of the American Association of Industrial Design. He got numerous awards such as the Red Dot Design Award( red-dot Supreme Award) , the IF Concept Design Award in Germany , the IDEA Industrial Design Award and lite-on Award to name a few.

Wenzhou Vocational & Technical College

Wenzhou Vocational & Technical College is a full-time comprehensive vocational institute established by the amalgamation of four national and provincial level key technical secondary schools, Wenzhou Business School, Wenzhou Economy School, Wenzhou Machinery Industry School, and Wenzhou Amateur Technology University in 1999 after being approved by the Ministry. With a schooling history tracing back to the year of 1965, the college was founded by Wenzhou Municipal People’s Government and managed by the Department of Education of Zhejiang Province. So far it has been awarded as National Model Vocational College, National Advanced Unit for Vocational Education, Zhejiang Provincial Civilization Unit, one of the first Modern Apprenticeship Pilot Units Approved by Ministry of Education, and one of the first Zhejiang Provincial Four-year Schooling Talent Cultivation Pilot Colleges for Higher Vocational Education.