Audio Products Design Award 2024
Audio and Sound Equipment Design Award is open to entries of products and projects including but not limited to audio and sound equipment design, headphones, speakers, sound bars, microphones, audio interfaces, turntables, amplifiers, sound mixers, recorders, dj equipment, portable audio, wireless audio systems, home theater systems, car audio systems, studio monitors, audio cables, earbuds, audio software, sound effects devices, audio processing units, surround sound systems, audio equipment racks, professional audio equipment, musical instruments, audio converters, soundproofing equipment, podcasting gear, audio editing tools, smart speakers, audio synthesizers, sound modules, digital audio workstations Nominate your Audio Products Design now.
Audio Products Design Award 2024

A' Design Awards is pleased to announce that the A' Audio and Sound Equipment Design Award is open for nomination of audio products designs right now for the 2024 design award and competition. Submit your audio products design now for a preliminary score.

109 Pro Headphone
Featured Work : 109 Pro Headphone
Elite Headphones
Featured Work : Elite Headphones
PaMu Nano TWS Earbuds
Featured Work : PaMu Nano TWS Earbuds
Meze 99 Classics  Headphones
Featured Work : Meze 99 Classics Headphones
Tektronix Oscilloscope
Featured Work : Tektronix Oscilloscope
Advar Earphone
Featured Work : Advar Earphone
Award for Audio and Sound Equipment Design

The A' Audio and Sound Equipment Design Award is open to entries by Audio Product Designers, Sound Equipment Designers, Industrial Designers, Product Engineers, Audio Equipment Manufacturers, Sound Equipment Companies, Audio Technology Specialists, Acoustic Engineers, Electronics Designers, Sound System Professionals, Audio Interface Designers, Professional Audio Consultants, Sound Installation Experts, Audio Product Brands, Audio Product Manufacturers, Audio Products Innovation, Consultancy, Research and Development Companies worldwide. Enter your work today to highlight Audio Excellence.