Siu Man Chan Aquaculture Park Agriturismo Education Centre
Aquaculture Park Agriturismo Education Centre is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Urban Planning and Urban Design Award Category.
Aquaculture Park Agriturismo Education Centre

Agritourism is a popular form of tourism in developed countries for almost 60 to 70 years. In countries like Italy, Latvia, Australia, Canada and the United States, agritourism provides an retreat for people working and living in dense urban areas. Furthermore, the importance of agritourism is about raising public awareness especially the younger generations in regards to the daily production of food. The aquaculture park in Huizhou provides a natural destination for local tourists in this region of China and an education centre to raise awareness in regards to a marine based food production

Aquaculture Park Agriturismo Education Centre
Siu Man Chan Aquaculture Park
Siu Man Chan Agriturismo Education Centre
Siu Man Chan design
Siu Man Chan design
Siu Man Chan

After graduation from architecture school in Australia, I started working in Hong Kong and developed a very strong interest in Urban Design and Master Planning. Perhaps, different to most architects, my interest has leads to opportunities of working at a range of scales and different sectors; including Public Parks, Cultural, Education, Recreational, Commercial and Residential. After studying and analyzing different cities, urban patterns, planning policies and cultures as an Urban Designer, I have come understand both the significance a building or place plays as Architecture and simultaneously part of a larger Urban Context. Therefore, I now believe architecture is not only the art of “form, function, order, space & material”, but more strongly about making a place with specific agenda for particular people in an unique location within a certain timeframe. This has led me to believe in practicing Research-Based Design Approaches.


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