Siu Man Chan Designer Profile
Siu Man Chan is the award-winning designer of the Aquaculture Park Agriturismo Education Centre.
Siu Man Chan

After graduation from architecture school in Australia, I started working in Hong Kong and developed a very strong interest in Urban Design and Master Planning. Perhaps, different to most architects, my interest has leads to opportunities of working at a range of scales and different sectors; including Public Parks, Cultural, Education, Recreational, Commercial and Residential. After studying and analyzing different cities, urban patterns, planning policies and cultures as an Urban Designer, I have come understand both the significance a building or place plays as Architecture and simultaneously part of a larger Urban Context. Therefore, I now believe architecture is not only the art of “form, function, order, space & material”, but more strongly about making a place with specific agenda for particular people in an unique location within a certain timeframe. This has led me to believe in practicing Research-Based Design Approaches.

Aquaculture Park Agriturismo Education Centre