Hubert Roguski CityWood Artwork
CityWood Artwork is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Category.
CityWood Artwork

CityWood is a wooden map artwork designed by an architect Hubert Roguski. It is a three dimensional design that combines modern technology with the beauty of wood and craftsmanship. Created from a city data, city streets, water and landscape are represented by separate wooden layers to create depth of the design. Each layer is precisely cut using laser technology, polished with sand paper to provide smooth clean surface and assembled by hand with great attention to the crafting process. Each map has its own personality due to the individual grain of the wood.

CityWood Artwork
Hubert Roguski CityWood
Hubert Roguski Artwork
Hubert Roguski design
Hubert Roguski design
Hubert Roguski

Polish architect and product designer Hubert Roguski takes an innovative approach to map design. His studies at Warsaw University of Technology and at University of Tokyo allowed him to approach his creation from various viewpoints. He has a distinctive style that blends traditional minimalist style together with modern perspective of the metropolitan cartographer. Through his art, he substantiate the value of hand made act on natural wooden materials.

Hubert Roguski

Hubert Roguski is an architect and a graphic designer. He has studied at University of Tokyo and Warsaw University of Technology. His story with maps begins during his studies in Tokyo where he had to create a city maps of main world cities for the research. His artistic side found maps to be an interesting abstract art. Soon he started to develop graphics and wooden artworks based on maps.