Svetlana Fedina StillSveta Organic Wool Coat
StillSveta Organic Wool Coat is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Award Category.
StillSveta Organic Wool Coat

The idea was to create a sustainable alternative to the leather jacket. Leather represents cruelty to animals as well as being a toxic industry to the planet. The main design is made from organic wool, which has a better ecological footprint. The entire collection celebrates youth to remain appealing and to send a message to the generation that is in charge of the future. This unisex collection also challenges traditional gender roles, blurring the lines to demonstrate freedom of sexuality. This results in a more sustainable production by reducing complexity and minimising waste.

StillSveta Organic Wool Coat
Svetlana Fedina StillSveta
Svetlana Fedina Organic Wool Coat
Svetlana Fedina design
Svetlana Fedina design
Svetlana Fedina

StillSveta began in 2014 when Svetlana Fedina moved to Amsterdam in 2014, in search of a means to use her creative skills for a positive cause. Stillsveta believes fashion can be an effective way to convey a message serving a higher purpose other than merely improving appearances. This is why she makes her coats from environmentally friendly produced fabrics. Each coat comes with a unique lining design, printed in a socially responsible printing organisation. StillSveta clothes have been sold in boutique shops in Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and The Hague. Currently her clothes can be ordered from NOFIRM which practises on-demand production in order to prevent a single wasted garment going unsold. 10% of profits generated by sales go to the animal shelters in Amsterdam and Moscow.


StillSveta is an organic coat brand based in Amsterdam, aiming to spread awareness of a more sustainable way of life. Russian designer Svetlana Fedina founded the brand in 2015 by combining the two worlds that she loves the most: fashion and nature. StillSveta hopes to change people’s views of the environmental impact of the current fashion industry and to make slow fashion appealing to young people. Inspired by both youth culture and classic tailoring, StillSveta makes timeless new generation classics that will stay cool as long as their high quality fabrics will last.