Svetlana Fedina Designer Profile
Svetlana Fedina is the award-winning designer of the StillSveta Organic Wool Coat.
Svetlana Fedina

StillSveta began in 2014 when Svetlana Fedina moved to Amsterdam in 2014, in search of a means to use her creative skills for a positive cause. Stillsveta believes fashion can be an effective way to convey a message serving a higher purpose other than merely improving appearances. This is why she makes her coats from environmentally friendly produced fabrics. Each coat comes with a unique lining design, printed in a socially responsible printing organisation. StillSveta clothes have been sold in boutique shops in Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and The Hague. Currently her clothes can be ordered from NOFIRM which practises on-demand production in order to prevent a single wasted garment going unsold. 10% of profits generated by sales go to the animal shelters in Amsterdam and Moscow.

Svetlana Fedina
StillSveta Organic Wool Coat