Sarah Giblin RiutBag Crush Safe urban daypack
RiutBag Crush Safe urban daypack is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award Category.
RiutBag Crush Safe urban daypack

RiutBags are backwards backpacks for secure urban travel. Urban travellers can travel with valuables without concern about theft and loss. RiutBag Crush has two unique features: 1) Security: It is backwards. The person behind you cannot open it because all the zips are against your back. 2) Super light: It is so light - made from hot air balloon material it's under 250grams - that it can crush down into an internal pocket. These two features make the RiutBag Crush a secure and light backpack for safe urban travel, at home and abroad.

RiutBag Crush Safe urban daypack
Sarah Giblin RiutBag Crush
Sarah Giblin Safe urban daypack
Sarah Giblin design
Sarah Giblin design
Sarah Giblin

Sarah Giblin founded UK urban product design company Riut in 2014. She is a one-person entrepreneur who designs every aspect of RiutBags. Riut, pronounced "riot", stands for Revolution in user thinking. This is Sarah's personal mantra, her disruptive yet positive design philosophy and the impact she wants her products to have on their users. RiutBag users are urban travelers: commuters, urban tourists and city dwellers. Sarah designs products to meet the demands of our urbanisation challenges: high density population, associated crime, stress, time pressure and fear of crime. Riut's products empower the user to feel calmer and safer in an urban context. Riut is communicative, open, honest and user focussed. Riut was built on social media surveys and successful crowdfunding via Kickstarter.

Riut Limited

Every centimetre of the RiutBag is conceived and designed by founder Sarah Giblin. She designs new secure backpacks - RiutBag - with survey feedback from urban travellers and RiutBag users.