Vito Noto Giorno/Notte Wrist Watch
Giorno/Notte Wrist Watch is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Giorno/Notte Wrist Watch

Giorno/Notte born from the desire to innovate the traditional clock twelve hours and introduce a new reading of twenty-four hours. To do this the hour hand assumes greater importance than the one of the minutes and therefore becomes longer. The movement of the hours is highlighted by a circle that represents the sun, or the moon during the night, as it turns around a planet on the orbit of the hours, while a stylised arrow indicates the minutes in an inner circumference.

Giorno/Notte Wrist Watch
Vito Noto Giorno/Notte
Vito Noto Wrist Watch
Vito Noto design
Vito Noto design
Vito Noto

VITO NOTO INDUSTRIAL DESIGN is a design studio based in Cadro, Switzerland. The work it's multiplied into product and industrial design. A real vocation that, capitalizing a great patrimony of experiences, dechipers innovative design and packaging concepts, realizes communication and marketing strategies, also with the creation of expositive stands. The studio philosophy is to make projects with advanced technologies, fusing harmonically aesthetic and functionality, innovation and efficiency, ergonomical and ecological requirements, cultural, psychological and sociological values. VITO NOTO INDUSTRIAL DESIGN received prestigious international awards and the dialog full of satisfactions with the customers wich prefer design contribution to: Interactive communication and distribution systems; Biomedical and optical equipments; Electronic for office and entertainement; Machinery; Tools; Furniture; Stands; Promotional vehicles.


In seeking truly special effects, through its master craftsmanship and great attention to the quality of its materials, PERDITEMPO has, since 1984, developed and expanded a line of products which stand out for their unique transparent and reflection effects. The design of the PERDITEMPO collection can be read as a series of codes from a time when the individual finds his personal imaginative connection and, in the end, breaks away from all the usual methods, so as to revive the fascinating codes in which he relives a natural interpretation of time.