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Vito Noto is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Vito Noto

VITO NOTO INDUSTRIAL DESIGN is a design studio based in Cadro, Switzerland. The work it's multiplied into product and industrial design. A real vocation that, capitalizing a great patrimony of experiences, dechipers innovative design and packaging concepts, realizes communication and marketing strategies, also with the creation of expositive stands. The studio philosophy is to make projects with advanced technologies, fusing harmonically aesthetic and functionality, innovation and efficiency, ergonomical and ecological requirements, cultural, psychological and sociological values. VITO NOTO INDUSTRIAL DESIGN received prestigious international awards and the dialog full of satisfactions with the customers wich prefer design contribution to: Interactive communication and distribution systems; Biomedical and optical equipments; Electronic for office and entertainement; Machinery; Tools; Furniture; Stands; Promotional vehicles.

Vito Noto
Giorno/Notte Wrist Watch
Piro Bioethanol fireplace