CTRC Design Consultant Ltd. Pelcraft Wall Feature
Pelcraft Wall Feature is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Building Materials and Construction Components Design Award Category.
Pelcraft Wall Feature

Pelcraft is a platform that can let everyone who desires to create their own personalized artworks to put in the space as a wall feature, which is a break through from the conventional practice. The design objective is so that anyone can design and install their exclusive wall feature or artwork with a relaxing and joyful attitude in mind even with family or with friends. After you designed, puzzled and installed your artwork, then you can appreciate your creation in your ideal place. As the diversity of combination of Pelcraft can be transformed and fit in different styles of space.

Pelcraft Wall Feature
CTRC Design Consultant Ltd. Pelcraft
CTRC Design Consultant Ltd. Wall Feature
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CTRC Design Consultant Ltd. design
CTRC Design Consultant Ltd.

Ryan Cheung and Christine Tsui established their company in late 2015, they are a couple and passionate about design. So, after working in the interior design field for more than 10 years, they decided to start up their own business with their insights and perspective of the design, in order to achieve their ambition of design. After started up their company around a year and a half, they had won 2 silver awards in A’ Design Award & Competition, this is international recognition and giving them encouragement and motivation to keep going on the design path. They both put all the effort of time and spirit on the design, being a part of the designer in Hong Kong, they hope they could do the best for design and getting more and more people to acknowledge about their design. “Design is always being a part of our life, better interior design will improve the quality and habit wherever that people to live or stay.”

CTRC Design Consultant Ltd.

CTRC Design is an interior design firm which was established in late 2015 by Christine Tsui and Ryan Cheung, delicate to delivering innovative and practical in design solutions to clients. We are passionate about discovering and exploring design concepts, working through a wide variety of design elements, such as space planning, used of materials, proportion of details, furniture and lightings. We are experienced in an extensive range of large-scale projects in the hospitality, commercial, and residential industry. The objective is to provide an absolute satisfaction to clients, while respecting the need, vision and budget of each project.