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CTRC Design Consultant Ltd. is an award-winning designer with 4 featured award-winning projects.
CTRC Design Consultant Ltd.

Ryan Cheung and Christine Tsui established their company in late 2015, they are a couple and passionate about design. So, after working in the interior design field for more than 10 years, they decided to start up their own business with their insights and perspective of the design, in order to achieve their ambition of design. After started up their company around a year and a half, they had won 2 silver awards in A’ Design Award & Competition, this is international recognition and giving them encouragement and motivation to keep going on the design path. They both put all the effort of time and spirit on the design, being a part of the designer in Hong Kong, they hope they could do the best for design and getting more and more people to acknowledge about their design. “Design is always being a part of our life, better interior design will improve the quality and habit wherever that people to live or stay.”

CTRC Design Consultant Ltd.
788 Star Club Clubhouse
I Never Use Foundation Breakfast Club Retail
Pelcraft Wall Feature
Legend Office Hong Kong Office