Chen Chin-Shu Deconstruction of Light House
Deconstruction of Light House is Bronze Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Deconstruction of Light House

This is an apartment with entresol. Therefore, the furniture and color have to display on the basis of lower ratio. Designers highlight the television wall which extends to second floor, and make perfect connection between two floors. The exquisite technique of the television wall makes resonate between dweller and space, create beautiful desire. Designers make an arrangement of light under the staircase, the fresh design generate contrast between light and gradation, display the classic charm.

Deconstruction of Light House
Chen Chin-Shu Deconstruction of Light
Chen Chin-Shu House
Chen Chin-Shu design
Chen Chin-Shu design
Chen Chin-Shu

I'm an interior designer. I like the atmosphere in the space and I love to make it better. Lifestyle is an art. The balance between beauty and functional create a comfortable house. The modest communication manner, observation analysis and careful logical thinking can place your experiences, sensation and aesthetic concept into a space. A happy home life will be create naturally, and then step-by-step penetrate into human to human or between human and space. The reductions of chaos create a place suitable for cultivate body and mind.

FE Design

Preparation and implementation of a series of innovative creations deliver the beauty of life and obtain resonance of life’s experience. You can feel familiar and harmonious between new spaces and human, it is the calmness of life. A good design can play a subtle role, which can guide human on respect and cohesion of lifestyle. The function that infused into space has to assimilate with the dweller’s characteristics, demand and custom. Humanity, art and spirit in the atmosphere achieve the dwellers desire and idea.