Chen Chin-Shu Designer Profile
Chen Chin-Shu is an award-winning designer with 9 featured award-winning projects.
Chen Chin-Shu

I'm an interior designer. I like the atmosphere in the space and I love to make it better. Lifestyle is an art. The balance between beauty and functional create a comfortable house. The modest communication manner, observation analysis and careful logical thinking can place your experiences, sensation and aesthetic concept into a space. A happy home life will be create naturally, and then step-by-step penetrate into human to human or between human and space. The reductions of chaos create a place suitable for cultivate body and mind.

Play Around Light Residential Space
Warming Fun Residential Space
Nature Base Residential House
Organic Space Residential House
Love Symbol Residential Space
Comfortable Interior Residence
Deconstruction of Light House
Context Interior Residence
Reincarnation Interior Residence