Allan Suleiman & Breno Frias Freaktion Craft Beer
Freaktion Craft Beer is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Food, Beverage and Culinary Arts Design Award Category.
Freaktion Craft Beer

The brand was thought to be different from the category, from the positioning to the design. Differently from the competition, this beer has a typographic visual identity with friction elements on its logo. The use of dark backgrounds contrasted by the magenta color also helps to differentiate it in the craft beer segment, what adds authenticity and modernization, at the same time, a classic aspiration of an extremely premium/gourmet product. Its 2 sub-brands use freak characters to amplify the concept. Their colors, icons and and info carry consistency and remembrance to the consumers.

Freaktion Craft Beer
Allan Suleiman & Breno Frias Freaktion
Allan Suleiman & Breno Frias Craft Beer
Allan Suleiman & Breno Frias design
Allan Suleiman & Breno Frias design
Allan Suleiman & Breno Frias

We believe in setting a difference. Not taking the same path. Doing things differently from everyone else. That’s why we love building brands for startups and for those who have disruptive mindsets. That’s who we are.


Beer is serious stuff and there is much more science inside a bottle than people realize. No wonder the whole process, equipment, communication, distribution channels, logistics and, especially, knowledge and technique are infinitely put to the test before being poured in your glass. People are freaktions and not let themselves to be defined by styles or traditional notions. They are always looking for the highest quality raw materials, sensations and unusual recipes that transform a beer in a real ethyl experience. It's the flavor of the small details that are understood to delight of the great discoveries. Good product in a freak way. Because, in a world where so many people looking to follow the same pattern, being different (a.k. “freak”) is what drives and fascinates this brand. We are crazy for the new! The exotic encourages us, the different seduces us. With so many possibilities in life, why to be like everyone else? Better off being abnormal, being freak. Over the craziest adventures of life it is very crazy to think that what else the equals is exactly the fear of being different.