maria eftychi Degrade Line Necklace
Degrade Line Necklace is Iron Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Degrade Line Necklace

Degrade Line necklace combines, simplicity, colorful essence and a unique texture. It is delicately crafted from hundreds of pieces of paper. The jewel has a sense of volume, still preserving though, a lightweight feeling while wearing it. Color degradation is created through its structure, merging gradually different colors. It is flexible enough to twist, while preserving a minimal approach. Its finishing includes leather, a coral ball and a gold plated sterling silver clasp.

Degrade Line Necklace
maria eftychi Degrade Line
maria eftychi Necklace
maria eftychi design
maria eftychi design
maria eftychi

Maria Eftychi has the background of an architect, and as such the whole mindset of a designer. She strongly believes in the potential of design in every aspect of our lives. Through her design she seeks a 'green' and sustainable approach, amazed at how much recycling of energies and resources can be done through creative design thinking.

Maria Eftychi, Design-m.e

Design-m.e is a small brand of jewelry built around 'paper', a beloved material by Maria Eftychi the designer/architect behind it. Design-m.e pieces offer an alternative to obvious materials and forms. Creating authentic pieces of jewelry, it challenges the way we perceive paper as a consumable material and brings to the audience affordable design pieces made of many kinds of paper. Design-m.e seeks a sustainable design approach, so luxurious recycled paper is often used as the main material! Maria Eftychi, is eager to explore all the possibilities of paper through Design-m.e collections. Unfolding her wealth of knowledge deriving from her background in Architecture, she introduces universal principles of design, which infuse her pieces of jewelry with simplicity and elegance. An elegance which is rooted in the economy of resources and the possibilities of playfulness in any potential structure.