maria eftychi Designer Profile
maria eftychi is the award-winning designer of the Degrade Line Necklace.
maria eftychi

Maria Eftychi is a Cypriot architect currently based in Nice, France. Since 2008 she has been working as a leading architect in architectural offices in Cyprus and France, across residential, commercial and public space projects. In parallel she has taught architecture and design for more than 5 years at the University of Cyprus and the University of Nicosia. Maria holds a diploma of Architecture from Athens, Greece, where she studied with a full state scholarship and a Master's degree in Digital Tectonics from IAAC in Barcelona, Spain. Eager to preserve a research approach while gaining practical knowledge, she has developed a series of personal projects in different categories of design. Through those, she explores the intersections of sustainability and parametric design, experimenting in form-finding processes and the use of unexpected materials. Her project Brick-stainable, a twice awarded design concept for bricks with various bio-climatic performances, (Potomac Valley Brick, BIO 22 Biennial of Industrial Design) has led to a series of publications, expositions and conference presentations. Her jewellery series Degrade Lines, necklaces made from recycled paper, has received an A' Design Award in 2016.

Degrade Line Necklace