Stanley Clayne Sandström Music Chair Sculpture Chair
Music Chair Sculpture Chair is Iron Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Fine Arts and Art Installation Design Award Category.
Music Chair Sculpture Chair

The Music Chair celebrates the power, dimension, dynamics, and beauty of music. The simple, yet unique fluid expression of motion can be sensed while seated. Imagined with an altissimo note atop the Treble Clef and finishing with an elegant spherical flourish that forms the “bass” or third leg of the chair. The three primary elements: the back, the legs, and the seat, create a sense of suspended freedom, musical movement, or visual tone. Future version may feature exotic woods, laminates, and/or composites.

Music Chair Sculpture Chair
Stanley Clayne Sandström Music Chair Sculpture
Stanley Clayne Sandström Chair
Stanley Clayne Sandström design
Stanley Clayne Sandström design
Stanley Clayne Sandström

Stan is the epitome of an “accidental artist.” It’s not an accident that Stan understands the significance of smart design and the joyful freedom that uninhibited artistic creativity offers. Stan has experienced the costly devastation of bad ideas, yet he continues to build, design, and create. Stan has always been drawn to and inspired by art and design. Stan is trained in both mechanical engineering and architectural design, and appears enthusiastic about his altruistic and entrepreneurial approach to his life and career. It is his resilient spirit, tenacious ambition, and artistic motivation that draw the Accidental Artist to this competition.


The Client is Stan's wife. The Studio is Stan's garage. For this project a Mr. Sandström's has elected to use his personal Brand, or moniker. The E3 brand represents Stan's personal life adage to Enlighten, Encourage, and Empower through example and service. The Client for this project is Stan's wife. And the Studio is his garage. Stan is eager to license his designs so that others may have the opportunity to enjoy them as well.