Csar Llanos Parasita Plant Container
Parasita Plant Container is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Fine Arts and Art Installation Design Award Category.
Parasita Plant Container

Parasita is a conceptual plant container made out of two different parts. the host (crystal piece) and the parasita (plant container). The parasita is placed in the host to generate an abstract representation of the concept. A living being needs another one for its own survival generating an interaction, that results in beautiful colors and forms that could go beyond the beauty that a single plant could generate. The graphic is a representation of parasitism, interacting with the water generating an optic illusion.

Parasita Plant Container
Csar Llanos Parasita
Csar Llanos Plant Container
Csar Llanos design
Csar Llanos design
Csar Llanos

Csar Llanos is a passionate designer developing skills the wider the possible for now and learn what ever comes to his direction. His goal as a designer is making experiences thru products and objects stimulating the users in a way they have never been stimulated before. he has always pictured himself in my dreams as a stone crafter.


Personal brand with the idea of creating conceptual products going beyond aesthetics, giving the user an experience besides the regular use of the product.