Anton Stolar La colline venus Coffee table
La colline venus Coffee table is Bronze Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Fine Arts and Art Installation Design Award Category.
La colline venus Coffee table

Elliptical table surface is made from concrete. The supporting corpus from the roksor is partially visible in the bare legs of the table. The moss and a glass decanter, is located in one focus of the ellipse. The uniqueness of the table is that the moss is irrigated by water from a glass decanter. The table can also be used in the exterior. The table, except for watering, does not require special maintenance. We can say that the time adds the table unique character.

 La colline venus Coffee table
Anton Stolar  La colline venus
Anton Stolar Coffee table
Anton Stolar design
Anton Stolar design
Anton Stolar

Stolar's 20 years spent in academics have shaped his current aesthetic through a variety of visual media - from graphic design, through interactive media, painting, sculpture, all the way to industrial and interior design. As a self-taught artist he’s explored the potential of varied techniques and the possibilities of their intermedia connection. His is not a definite, fixed style. Rather, it is his creative process that is more important than a precise, and possibly fatigued, form. Avoiding formulaic methods, his modus operandi submits to current mood and to the core concept. He’s interested in subjects of life contradictions, impasses, and the connection of conflicting semantics.

Anton Stolar

Pedagogic background : Anton S. graduated Industrial Design in the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava. Currentlys he pursues mi habilitation thesis focused on sign structures in presentation at the Faculty of Architecture at the same university. His utility art and design production has been aimed at graphic design and concept industrial design. He presented works in joint exhibitions in Japan, Norway, Korea, Espanol, Germany and the Czech Republic.