Anton Stolar Stolar Designer Profile
Anton Stolar Stolar is the award-winning designer of the La colline venus Coffee table.
Anton Stolar Stolar

Stolar's 20 years spent in academics have shaped his current aesthetic through a variety of visual media - from graphic design, through interactive media, painting, sculpture, all the way to industrial and interior design. As a self-taught artist he’s explored the potential of varied techniques and the possibilities of their intermedia connection. His is not a definite, fixed style. Rather, it is his creative process that is more important than a precise, and possibly fatigued, form. Avoiding formulaic methods, his modus operandi submits to current mood and to the core concept. He’s interested in subjects of life contradictions, impasses, and the connection of conflicting semantics.

Anton Stolar Stolar
 La colline venus Coffee table