Carlo Sampietro Cloche Sofa Modular sofa
Cloche Sofa Modular sofa is Iron Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Fine Arts and Art Installation Design Award Category.
Cloche Sofa Modular sofa

The Cloche Sofa is a body of work that transmutes an element of urban life into objets d’art. It can be used as a sculpture, ambient light or a modular sofa. It represents landscape evolution that dismantles established structural standards and elements of construction materials, and repurposes a found material into sophisticated design, reshaping a common object into a meaningful amalgam. This piece harnesses objects that outlived their original uses, were discarded, reclaimed and renovated.

Cloche Sofa Modular sofa
Carlo Sampietro Cloche Sofa
Carlo Sampietro Modular sofa
Carlo Sampietro design
Carlo Sampietro design
Carlo Sampietro Artist

I am a mixed media artist. My work is primarily focused towards exploring social and cultural responsibilities that we face and create as urban citizens. My observations of landscape evolution, human preconceptions, use of natural resources, similarities and differences between societies, cultures, and cities are translated into multimedia and found-object installation art.