Kevin Chu Giulia Shelf Storage Shelf
Giulia Shelf Storage Shelf is Iron Design Award winner in 2010 - 2011 Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Category.
Giulia Shelf Storage Shelf

the giulia shelf was conceived to promote the ideology of "messiness". most storage systems subconsiously guide the user to "organize". the giulia shelf promotes the user to just let go and "dump stuff" into it. by combinning several different diameter steel loops into a singular system, it creates an illusion of uncontrolled geometry where there are no flat surfaces. this "forces" the user to stack his/her "stuff" randomly which also accentuates the confusing aesthetic of the shelf.

Giulia Shelf Storage Shelf
Kevin Chu Giulia Shelf
Kevin Chu Storage Shelf
Kevin Chu design
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With the mission of constantly pushing the creative boundary, K Ltd DesignLab came into existence in 2006. Over in Asia we aspire to many European designs but we are constantly contradicting this envy with a barrage of imitations over here. I truly believe designers in Asia have the ability to stand head to head with our European counterpart and i already see this transformation happening gradually. K Ltd DesignLab is one of the first wave of Asian "Conceptual" design firms and we are never shy of proposing "crazy" as well as more reality based designs. Our aim is to come up with interesting and thought provoking designs that can generate heated debate. This is what i believe competent designers should aspire to while settling for nothing less. Our clients will always set criteria for us but one should transcend these rules and give solutions that even they cannot predict. K Ltd DesignLab have always hold true to this principle and will continue to do so in order to constantly come up with "wacky and wonderful" ideas!!